Blind Fret - Silent Bell

by Blind Fret



Blind Fret - Silent Bell
Is the start of a new album for 2017


Blind Fret - Silent Bell

Did you feel the wonder
were you amazed
when it came calling
did you stop or run
to the Silent Bell

Did time, stand still
Skip a Heart Beat
slow motion
to the Silent Bell

Silent Bell, Silent Bell,
Rings for You, Silent Bell

Across still water
ripples you didn’t hear
you feel the rumble
Hear the Fear
From the Silent Bell


released December 18, 2016
Raphael Slagg plays all that you HEAR ! Producer, Writer and all of that Jazz ....for Blind Fret
From Blind Fret Studios from the middle of nowhere ....



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Blind Fret

Blind Fret has always been Raphael Slagg, writing and pushing forward to create and record.
The New Album “Hear Alone” I finally released.It was a long journey.
Paul Rigney from Genuine Crude Co-Produced my insanity, hearing what I don’t hear.
Blind Fret - Hear Alone is Produced by Raphael Slagg and recorded at Blind Fret Studios, all you hear is Raphael Slagg, Thank You Worldwide !
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